Why Are We So Amazed?

October 10, 2014

Late last week, Global NIM hosted a board meeting during which one member noted a profound truth, "I don't know why we continue to be amazed [by God]." What a great observation; and how true it is! Our daily devotionals and prayer life should mature our obedience and lead to more acute awareness of God's way of thinking. Yet somehow, just when we convince ourselves that we're useless and there's no hope, we are surprised when God steps in and says, "I got this. "Over and over again, the Bible gives us examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things ... with God's help. Let us freely acknowledge our inability sooner rather than later, and then trust God to use us as He wills. Perhaps then our surprise will be replaced with pure delight. PRAISE THE LORD, FOR HE HAS DONE IT AGAIN!

Construction at the new Agape School in Kenya has progressed very well. The latrines are in the final stages of completion, the new water well has been drilled and its concrete base is now curing. Next up per Tony, the School's founder/administrator: the kitchen!

While contributions have been sufficient to cover construction of these aspects of the new school, there is still an opportunity to participate with the future construction of school rooms and dormitory space. As noted in our last newsletter, each room will cost roughly $6,000, but thanks to a very generous offer, you now have the opportunity to double your contribution by pairing it with a challenge grant. The next $10,000-worth of contributions for Agape School will be matched; a double-BANG for your buck!

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