Efficacious Encouragement

January 29, 2015

One of our beloved partners began a blog late in 2014 under the pen name, “GEORGEEBENEZERBBSSM.” George Ebenezer has a beautiful way with words, all the outflowing of a life touched by God’s grace, healing and empowerment.

 His latest post is entitled “Efficacious Encouragement @e-DNA,” and challenges us with this question:

“Why don’t we simply, quietly, as often as we can, in an efficacious way, just ENCOURAGE?

"The biggest need of the hour today, is ‘efficacious encouragement with unconditional understanding’. It is very sad that we are too quick to criticise, judge, comment, frame, crucify, condemn, be sarcastic and discourage. We tend to forget that we are never in a 100% absolute position to do any of the above, by merely listening to a speech, reading what someone has said or seeing what they might have done. We are unaware of the intents of the heart, the well-spring of emotions or the mindsets of these doers. God alone knows. God alone understands. God alone hears the heartbeat.” George Ebenezer

As you read our website and blogposts, it may appear that our service to our partners is one-way. On the contrary, hopefully you’ll see that the magnitude of George’s wisdom gives you a glimpse of what we learn from our partners.

Grace. Encouragement. A call to not just do more, but Be More.

Lord, may it be so.

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