We Can't Go on Without Prayer Warriors

February 09, 2015

Prayer empowers!

Our mission partners constantly share their requests for and answers to prayer. Truly, it’s a joy to serve them in this way. Below are a few excerpts from recent emails from three of our partners...

“Thank you so much for your continued backing us up in prayers. We can’t go on without prayer warriors for there are a lot of challenges I encountered in the ministry. I believe the Lord God has put your generous heart of giving us support financially and in much prayers. For we know what we are doing, and keep doing till the Lord Jesus get us up in Heaven.”

“Now we feel there are some more pressing needs. After thinking thoroughly over it and praying for it some time, we will let you know. However we need your regular prayer support. We feel the power of satan working against us in every corner. So please pray regularly so that we will bring many souls to Christ and build our ministry team up.”

“Thank you for your prayers. Youth meeting went well by the grace of God nearly 400 hundred people came to this meeting; Muslims, Hindus attend this meeting.  Thank you Jesus… The whole town is talking about this youth meeting and God is bringing revival to (town), especially for youth.”

Thank you for joining us in this ever-important role.

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