"Pinoy's Best-for-Kids arrozcaldo/congee/porridge recipe"

July 23, 2015

Daisy, Brother Elmerson's wife in the Philippines makes her own style of arrozcaldo (chicken and rice porridge) when feeding kids within Davao City, the Philippines.  But when she and local volunteers prepare the porridge in distant provinces, she uses the recipe below.  

 "My wife, Daisy, demonstrated photos from a year ago to prepare congee or arrozcalo in our mission house. She has written the following recipe....

1. Boil the first grade rice 1-1/2 kilo to the big pot for 70 kids serving with much water till it turns to tender (make estimate) 15% rice as to 60% water.

2. Clean the whole chicken thoroughly with lemon juice to ease the stingy smell in water.

3. In a regular size pot, boil the chicken seasoned with salt and chicken broth cubes.

4. Take out the chicken from the pot, remove meat from the bones, then cut the meat or shred.

arrozcaldo ingredients 2 515

5. Prepare the frying pan, then heat the oil.

6. Saute the minced chopped garlic  (2 grams).

7. Add red onion thinly sliced (3 grams).

8. Add the chicken meat and add salt according to taste.

9. Add the chicken broth and the stalk of lemon grass.

10.Mixed those sauteed from the frying pan to the pot and mix it all to the porridge and add salt to taste.

11. Add the green leaf onion to the pot, before serving, and 1/4 of lemon juice.

arrozcaldo boy being fed by brother 515

There you are now, you have the Pinoy's Best for kids arrozcaldo or congee or porridge.

Though, there are sometimes differ the availability of the ingredients yet more or less it is just but the same preparation.

Of course serve with  a beautiful smile.

Do hope Daisy's recipe for arrozcaldo tempt you to try cooking and enjoy the food.

To God Be The Glory!"

Brother Elmerson, June 4, 2015

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