Why Would Anyone Eat a Gizzard?

November 05, 2015

"In Veronicah's culture , for someone to be regarded as a complete man or earn respect, he should eat a full chicken alone!  Hahaha....but he must make sure he eats the [hidden] gizzard. He must look for it, but where?...."

tony and veronicah in prayers 2"I had what we call here in Africa an engagement / pre-wedding party," wrote Brother Tony in Kenya. "Those present on the ceremony were my friends, church members and our families both on my and Veroh's [Veronicah's] side. It’s also in this place where families discuss the dowry to be paid by the family, that is the boy's family paying to the girl's family."

 time to feast 2

Regarding the gizzard...."This chicken is cooked in a special way; it is cooked on clean washed banana leaves, then all of the seasoning is placed on it and tied properly, put in a source pan, half filled with water, then placed on fire to be cooked almost the whole day.  Inside the banana leaves is the hidden gizzard. The chicken is so sweet but looking for the gizzard is now the issue. Thank God I found it!  When you visit us in Kenya some day, I am glad Veronicah knows how to prepare it, and she will do it for you, friends."

We are very excited for Tony and Veronicah!  

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