Behind the Vision for a Trauma Care Center

March 16, 2016

     If you have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Brother George personally, you know that the presence of the Lord is tangibly upon him.

Brother George's passion to be a Game-Changer for the world’s orphans and abused children and youth has enabled him to speak to this generation in 25 different countries. As an example, he will be in Jordan March 22-28 to fellowship with and encourage teenagers and parents who have escaped terrorists.  Invitations to speak abound through his Beyond Barriers consulting business, through which he instructs youth enthusiastically about Godly values, consequences, self-respect and life-skills.

Brother George was given the vision for the Trauma Care Center a few years ago after he and his wife brought in a very scarred (physically and emotionally) 5 year old street girl into their home with the goal to help her heal and be a part of a healthy family.  She was a fighter and controller because her reality on the streets was one of survival-of-the-fittest. After a year or more of struggle and negative impact on the other ten children in the home, George and his wife realized that the depth of the trauma she had experienced in her tender years was far beyond their skill-set and desire to help.  But what crushed Brother George even more was that there were many abused street boys and girls who had no hope, as no facility existed in the city which offered trauma care, behavioral re-programming, nurturing and holistic care.

He decided to take action against this injustice.

Thanks to many donors in the US, India and Europe, land was purchased in April 2016 on which the Trauma Care Center and the new home for Santhosa Samsara will be constructed in the next two years. (Santhosa Samsara is Brother George and his wife's home where their son and their ten adopted, previously orphaned, children live.)

Since May 2014 George has dealt with two serious relapses of his multiple sclerosis, the most recent being in December 2015 which left him with 20%  of his eyesight and at times, an inability to walk.  He wrote us this week that, I am completely back 100% and my eye sight is back to normal. It has been an amazing hand of God and experiencing it in real time has been a unique experience for me personally. Right after the relapse, there has been an outpouring of God’s provision and open doors.”

We are excited to see God continue to stir people's hearts to help this Trauma Care Center become a reality.

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