Haiti !

January 14, 2015

There's nothing like face-to-face encounters.

Our November 2014 trip to Haiti was a reminder of that. We were delighted to share a few days with Pastor Ezena, his wife, Rosemita, the staff and the children at the small orphanage in delightfully rural Les Anglais, 7 hours from Port-au-Prince. The trip was a success in a number of ways, and confirmed our intention to continue the partnership with Pastor Ezena.

Why Are We So Amazed?

October 10, 2014

Late last week, Global NIM hosted a board meeting during which one member noted a profound truth, "I don't know why we continue to be amazed [by God]." What a great observation; and how true it is! Our daily devotionals and prayer life should mature our obedience and lead to more acute awareness of God's way of thinking. Yet somehow, just when we convince ourselves that we're useless and there's no hope, we are surprised when God steps in and says, "I got this. "Over and over again, the Bible gives us examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things ... with God's help. Let us freely acknowledge our inability sooner rather than later, and then trust God to use us as He wills. Perhaps then our surprise will be replaced with pure delight. PRAISE THE LORD, FOR HE HAS DONE IT AGAIN!

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