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Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts for Les Anglais, southwestern Haiti 


Five months ago this town was torn-to-shreds.  BUT hope stepped in through a variety of Christian non-profit organizations with necessary food, water, medicine and building supplies --- and the hope of Jesus Christ shared in the midst of great destruction. (Read the entries below.)

To date hundreds of homes have received new tin roofs and other needed repairs by new, recently-trained Haitian carpenters to shelter families, yet over 500 homes remain without roofs for the upcoming rainy season. Harvest Field Ministries has created a Raise A Roof campaign, and Global NIM has and wishes to continue contributing to this effort. The Gospel is shared verbally and through the volunteer effort, and the recipients have been incredibly grateful.  You may donate to the re-roofing effort through Global NIM or HFH.  Materials and labor for one roof approximates $315.

HFH photo new roof 217

Photo courtesy of Harvest Field Ministries, Knoxville, TN. 



It has been A Month.

Just to give you an idea of the destruction and heartbreak that this storm caused in Les Anglais, go to Time's editoral written 2 weeks after Matthew's landfall.  The authors' reflections resonate with our feelings experienced post-Matthew and what we heard from Pastor Ezena and his family. 

Meanwhile, Mission of Hope and affiliate HaitiOne have done a fantastic job of coordinating aid, both Haitian-sourced and US donations, to Les Anglais and other hard-hit communities.  They are coordinating volunteer construction workers to reroof and repair over 5,000 homes over the next 5 months in SW Haiti.  The materials for the Les Anglais' home repairs will be coordinated through Pastor Ezena; material cost is estimated at $12,000 and will be coordinated through Mission of Hope.

Can you help with the roofing costs?  If so, you can send your donation through Global NIM; we will gather other resources and remit to Mission of Hope for the Les Anglais effort.

On a personal front, the Ezena family is managing as well as possible. Pastor Ezena has such a caring heart for the most vulnerable in Les Anglais; the family regularly shares their food and supplies and ministers to the severly injured, sick or grieving family members.  Pastor Ezena is a beautiful humbling example of Jesus - giving his life for the needy.  We are deeply grateful for this tender man and his faithful family.


10-10-2016, pm

Besides dealing with their decimated homes and infrastructure, the residents are fighting cholera.  It's hard to get an exact count, but the longer the wait for meds and water-purification treatments, the greater the number of cases and deaths.  Although Global NIM drilled three wells in 2011, and still working this year (those of you familiar with Haiti will understand that addition), not everyone is drinking from the wells.  Mission of Hope will deliver cholera meds and other necessary supplies in the next day or two.   This partnership is essential for us, as we are not on-the-ground in Haiti, but MOH is.  They have been fantastic, and we are helping Les Anglais by helping MOH with their delivery and supply costs as best that we can.  Thank you for your support! (Donate here.)

ocrph campaign aerial 10716

Photo:  courtesy of HaitiOne.org

10-8, 2016, am

Given the total devastation of Les Anglais, the sustained relief effort is going to be costly; nothing is inexpensive to transport to this isolated side of the island, even in good weather!   BUT ---- we will do our part to get the word out, pray and watch God work.  What appear impossible to us right now is possible with Him at the helm.  Please - any donation of any size is highly appreciated!   We are in partnership with Mission of Hope for the on-the-ground relief efforts for Les Anglais.   Distributions and management of the supplies and food will be handled through our mission partner, Pastor Ezena.

10-6-2016, pm

It has been an amazing day of answered prayers! Pastor Ezena's family and the OCRPH children are fine; they escaped to the mountains given the certainty of flooding in Les Anglais. We heard today from Samy: "The town is devastated, like a hammer pounded everything down." Bridges are out; roads are impassable.  Les Anglais will remain inaccessible for some time.  And the people are very hungry. This is right where God stepped in today.

There are more details than we can provide here, but two Christian non-profits, Mission of Hope and HaitiOne Network, will provide much needed food and supplies, by barge, to Les Anglais and other towns hard hit by Matthew.  And it may be a sustained effort - how long?  It's anyone's guess given the infrastructure destruction wrought by Matthew.  But Global NIM will fundraise as long as needed to cover a portion of Mission of Hope's costs; Harvest Field Ministries is a major contributor as well.  It's the Body of Christ pulling together for maximum impact!  We will provide more details in the coming days, but please know --- your donation will make a big difference in the lives of those who survived the storm! Scroll down toward the bottom of this page for donation details.


Child Sponsorship – Ongoing support

Global NIM and Harvest Field Ministries assist with the orphanage children’s essential needs and education and staff assistance through child sponsorships and other funding. Although Global NIM does not have a comprehensive, collaborative sponsorship program similar to those offered by well-known organizations, 100% of a sponsorship donation (detailed below) is remitted for the care of the children as a whole.

There are partial ($30/month), full ($60/month), quarterly and annual sponsorship options. If you have a heart for Haiti and would like to learn more, please contact us.


Construction of pit-latrine: $2500. Desks and benches: $1000.

  • Funding Still Needed: $0

  • Funding Received to Date: $3,500

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