Santhosa Samsara

The current vision for Santhosa Samsara is for a revolutionary trauma center for the rescue and treatment of abused children and youth.  

"The Trauma Care Center, a state of the art facility, is really becoming very clear in our heart. Almost everyday we are hearing stories of some kids being raped or abused and the trauma shakes them very badly.  We know that the Lord has called us to rescue more. But we need this facility."  George Ebenezer   

"This center is going to be a life-line and a game changer in all of India. Such abuse and exploitation is happening against children here in India and they are dying. That is why...."  Manju, George's wife


God has called George and Manju to this incredible task. That much is very clear to us. Next up: securing a site.  Due to the explosive growth in Bangalore, India's "Silicon Valley," suitable land is very expensive; the property under consideration is on the magnitude of land costs in major, coastal US cities.  A fund has been established with a sizeable amount already donated.  Time is of the essence.  A gift in any amount is appreciated greatly!

In addition, the facility will house the family home of Santhosa Samsara (see more at George’s website on the building project). Currently, the home is in expensive rented quarters with no expansion opportunities.  A newly constructed and designed structure will provide space for the family, the trauma care center and meeting space for trauma informed care training and administration.

Read more of the vision behind the Trauma Care Center.


...estimated for purchase of land. Various organizations and individuals world-wide have supported George in this effort.

  • Funding Still Needed: $0

  • Funding Received to Date: $775,000

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