Brother David

"We hear news from all over the world that make us uncomfortable. Bloodshed, wars, preparations for wars, mass killings, persecution, hurricane and there is much more that discourages us. We who have comfort in Christ Jesus have a message of encouragement for others." - Brother David

With a ministry focused on communicating the encouragement of the Gospel, “Brother David” stays extremely busy writing, speaking, translating and training. He and his team author and distribute literature, conduct discipleship seminars, speak in cities of all sizes as well as tribal areas, speak at church and open-air gatherings, monitor on-line students’ Bible coursework, and lead Bible studies by Skype, all in efforts to help explain the essence of Jesus to those of other world- faiths. Neither Brother David’s true identity nor true location will be disclosed due to the dangers faced by being a proactive believer of Yeshua.

I was blessed

"People came in the meetings by buses, motorcycles and by tractors. I was blessed and the people were blessed as well. I have seen a great movement of the Spirit of God in these meetings. The Lord himself performed Physical and most of all spiritual miracles as well. Organizers of this program were saying that there were around 6000 people in first evening meeting, around 60 leaders in Seminar and 8000 people in second day’s evening meeting. 364 people gave their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ and committed themselves to follow Him… Here is a photo of the culture in that area."

What We've Done

Global NIM’s past participation in Brother David’s work includes:

  • Material printing costs
  • Tuition assistance for Bible college students under his leadership
  • Equipment and transportation
  • Travel costs for speaking engagements and outreaches

What's Next?

The best way to assist Brother David is through prayer: for stamina, wisdom, safety for his family and him, and that the truths in the literature penetrate open hearts and minds.

But if you’d like to assist in a tangible way, the reprintings of the free publications is a constant need of the ministry.

January 2016 CAMPAIGN:  We are raising funds for a tablet with word processing and slide capabilities, Bible and commentary downloads and wifi for Skype.   Price range: $500-$700. 

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