Santhosa Samsara

"We’re not just an orphanage, we’re a family!”
“God rescued me so that I can rescue others.”
Brother George, founder of Sansotha Samsara – Bangalore, India

Sharing their home with nine adopted, orphaned children and their biological son, Brother George and his wife are "Daddy and Mum," raising and shaping this new generation to be responsible, caring and Godly leaders. It’s an honor for Global NIM to assist with various projects of Santhosa Samsara, “Joyful Family” in Kanada language. George looks to the future as he envisions the formation of similar home-based orphanages throughout India. In the near future, Santhosa will include a trauma care center for abused children in the area (see Current Campaign).

In addition, George is a leading inspirational youth and children's speaker through his consultancy organization, "Beyond Barriers." Over the last 20 years, in over 220 cities in India and in 25 countries,  George has spoken in different educational contexts to youth about living lives of high, Godly standards that are “holy, exemplary and successful.” More recently, George’s work with children has garnered international attention with invitations to be a guest speaker at international orphan care conferences.

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