O.C.R.P.H. orphanage

As often happens, when a Godly man and woman encounter young children in great distress, God stirs in their hearts by saying to them, “Be the one to help them.” In a nurturing environment, Pastor Jean Yvon Ezena and his wife and staff provide essential needs, education and spiritual leadership to 15 children in their home. They also strive to help families with job skills and education in their hometown of Les Anglais, a small rural village west of Les Cayes in the southwestern tip of the island. 

Pastor Ezena founded O.C.R.P.H. (Organisation des Chriestien Reunis Pour la Haitienne), a non-governmental organization (NGO) in 1986 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. After the horrific 2010 earthquake, Andrew Nimick visited the entire family who were living in a tent city; it was one of the most humbling experiences of Andrew’s life. Thereafter Global NIM began assisting Pastor Ezena with the care of the children. Together with Harvest Field Haiti Ministries of Knoxville, TN, various business ideas have been reviewed and implemented to encourage the orphanage’s sustainability and assist families in Les Anglais. Some have worked; some have not. But all agree that this is a noble objective and one for which we seek God’s wisdom, timing and favor.

For Hurricane Matthew update, see Current Campaign for OCRPH.

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