Brother Simon

"Since this ministry was started in the beginning of 2006, my vision has been to prepare churches, through individualized training, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and… to give an answer for their faith." - Brother Simon (actual name and city undisclosed)

As a passionate teacher keen on helping the Church at large understand how to share the Gospel message effectively with those of another dominant faith, Brother Simon has developed curriculum, tools and training programs to help believers move into meaningful conversations with their neighbors.

A learned man with a Masters in Philosophy, Brother Simon has spoken at international apologetics conferences to share his practical approach to equip others for outreach.


No Fear

Feedback is requested at the conclusion of each session. The comments below are typical.

"Praise God for Brother Simon, that God enlightened him with His knowledge and is using him to train people like me." - "S" from Bangalore

"Brother, the fear which I used to have is vanished at the training program as you explained the credibility of the Christian faith and the solid grounds we have for our beliefs. After the training program never even for a single time I feared while witnessing to an ‘M.’"

What We've Done

Brother Simon’s ministry work has received assistance through Global NIM for the following:

  • Printing of apologetical booklets
  • Facility rental and program costs to host multi-day training sessions
  • Purchase of Bibles, printing and advertisement costs for a free Bible curriculum course for curious readers to walk through in the privacy of their homes
  • Land purchase and church construction in Brother Simon’s hometown

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