Brother Thomas
Andaman Islands

Working with team members, "Brother Thomas" and his wife create and manage church, outreach and mentoring programs for people of all ages in the Andaman Islands. Their heart cry is ‘to immerse the ministry team with Biblical principles and saturate the Islands with [the] Gospel, which alone has the power to transform any community.”

Global NIM assisted in the past with audio/visual equipment, roof repairs and transportation needs.
Brother Andrew

Many church planters and pastors, young and old alike, are educated at Shiloh Bible College, a 4 year (B.Th, B.Min.) college in Mandalay founded by Pastor Andrew to further the Gospel’s reach. In addition, a preschool of children from non-Christian backgrounds provides quality education in a loving environment.

Global NIM assisted in the past with funding for residential, months-long discipleship training programs, Christmas outreach and dormitory rent.
Brother Rajesh

With a heart for youth, Brother Rajesh speaks at various venues in southern India with a goal to develop solid leaders and followers of Christ. He is an exemplary “tentmaker,” as he is employed in the technology field yet encourages youth to deepen their walk with discipleship classes conducted primarily in church and school settings.

Global NIM assisted in the past with travel funds for discipleship sessions

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